About ATA Infinite Martial Arts




We are a martial arts school that specializes in Taekwondo.  We are apart of the American Taekwondo Association, the largest martial arts organization in the world.  We focus on physical techniques like kicks and punches as well as a huge focus on key life lessons such as Respect, Honesty, and Discipline. A good workout, with good values in a fun atmosphere.

  • Tiny Tiger Program (Ages 3-5)

Focuses on coordination, discipline, balance, and basic Taekwondo skills.

  • Karate for Kids Program (Ages 6-12)

Teaches all the material from the Tiny Tiger program and builds on it.  We work on more complicated terms including courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self control, and indomitable spirit. 

  • Adult Program (Ages 13+)

Takes the physical fitness from the Karate for Kid class and intensifies it.  You get a great workout, flexibility, and Taekwondo all in one class.

  • Family Program (Ages 6+)

This class offers a chance for the whole family to take class together. 

  • Black Belt Club (Ages 6+)

Do you plan on becoming a black belt?  This is your program.  We introduce sparring, board breaking, weapons, and advanced self defense early to prepare you for a flawless black belt testing.

  • Leadership Program (Ages 6+)

For anyone interested in taking their training to the next level and becoming a leader within the school.  You not only learn more detailed technique, but begin to learn how to pass that on to future generations.